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Heroes of Enderboar

Volume I - #038

Date Posted: January 5th, 2018, 2:00 pm

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Author Notes


Historical accuracy Morning,

I found your comic via a link from The Next Reaper, and having a weakness for all things dragon/reptilian, I read through in full.
Reptiles don't snore, unless they have a serious upper respiratory infection, which usually kills them within 24 hours.
Yeah yeah, fantasy, etc. I understand, but let's try to retain some realism shall we?
(I jest here, a good read and interesting start to the adventure, I shall be reading from now on.)
@Digger: Haha, thank you! We appreciate your concern, and even though I think we intend to retain our slight artistic/creative integrity on this one, I'm glad to have been clued in. I appreciate you sharing that fact with us and I encourage you continue to do the same with future pages of our web comic as it’s released.

Rest assured, however, that unique reptilian detail is something I’ll remember next time it comes up in the campaign. Thank you for the information, and most importantly, thank you for reading!

Illustrations by Ronald Maxwell